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Current openings and regular recruitings can be found through our announcements on recruiting channels.

We recruit talented people to open up the future of Blue Street with creative thinking and overflowing motivation.
We recruit excellent people who will be able to demonstrate their full capabilities based on years of experience.

Recruitment Process


1.    A consistent sense of curiosity

2.    A sense of responsibility to the end of one’s task/p>

3.    An attitude of being honest with oneself and respecting others

4.    A commitment to mutual cooperation and active communication


Knowledge Management

The second most important asset after people is knowledge.
The ‘Blue street’ people can search and use the data and knowledge that they want to through years of accumulated knowledge DATABASE

Excellence Training Program

There can be no end to self-development efforts. Blue Street fosters the vest talented person through a variety of internal and external
education/training programs, including Mentoring and Reading club etc.

Accident Insurance

Insurance coverage for Group Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance as well as Social insurance.
Therefore, the medical and hospitalization fee can be compensated in the event of an unexpected accident insuring yourself and your spouse.

Medical Check-Up

For systematic management of health, an important competitive advantage in everything,
all employees on Blue Street receive a comprehensive health check-up once a year (biennial under 40).

Visioning Workshop

We perform ‘Visioning Workshop’ participated by everyone twice a year, so that you can freely express opinions about the company and your future,
and have a sense of ownership through mutual communication.

Refresh Program

We support family travel expenses and vacations through the program called “Stop and Review” every three years,
after joining the company for three years, six years, and so on.

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